Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oncoming Food Coma - NaBloPoMo Day 24

Yes, day 24. Because this is really the first time today I've sat at the computer and therefore I still mostly consider it the 24th of November.

Today I went up to Austin! I met up with a couple of my friends at their grocery store, took advantage of their kitchen to put together a salad, and made them a delightful batch of fudge in thanks. And according to multiple sources, it was an especially delightful bit of fudge. :D Then I went to the third annual TUBA!Giving, which was a rousing success.
A couple of years ago the UT vs. A&M game got moved back a day to Thanksgiving day, meaning people in the band didn't get to have any turkey with their families. But the sections in Longhorn Band are like their own little families, so we decided to have a potluck turkey meal the day before the game for the TUBA!s and NTF's (Non TUBA! Friends). Tonight was our third one in a row and if I may say so myself it was a rousing success. :)

Now to sleep, and get ready for another day of cooking and food.

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