Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving America! - NaBloPoMo Day 25

I've seen quite a few bloggers out there listing the things they're thankful this Thanksgiving, and frankly I see no reason not to follow the trend. Here goes.

Above all else, I'm thankful for my family.
For the love and support they give me on a daily basis. For all the money they spent to put me through college. For the shared interests that bring us together as the years go by. For the way my dad has taken complete care of me for years and my mom's support in helping him see that I'm not a little girl anymore. For my mom's generosity, buying fabric for me even now that I have money of my own to spend. For my brother's willingness to geek out with his little sister.
For the continuing health of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

I'm thankful for my friends, the old ones, the new ones, the ones that I still have no idea how we got to be so close but wouldn't give up for anything.

I'm thankful for the internet, for helping me link up with geeks, book lovers, and quilters all over the world. And for keeping me informed of the world around me.

I'm thankful for having a job. And then there's another level of thankful for that job being one that allows me to spend hours a day surrounded by books. And another for shifts in the evening, letting me enjoy sleeping in on an almost daily basis.

I'm thankful for college, and for it being over. I loved the three and a half years at UT and the semester in Scotland. I loved every football game, every basketball game, almost every rehearsal with the Longhorn Band. I loved being able to learn new things on a daily basis, something I hope will continue even now that I have my degree.

And then the abstracts! I'm thankful for creativity, for the kindness of strangers, for the sense of wonder that I hope to never lose.
For tiny shinies and waking up with a cat snuggled against my legs.

Finally, I'm thankful to be alive. Sure, there are bad things about the world today, but I really do think they are overshadowed by the amazing thing that is this planet we live on. Basically, boom de yada boom de yada.

The world is just awesome.

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  1. You have wonderful things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!