Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moving On Up - NaBloPoMo Day 27

My mom headed out to the local quilt shop the other day and ended up coming back with a mighty present for herself. As she puts it, this is basically her Christmas, anniversary, and birthday presents for at least a year, if not two. It's comparable to when my dad bought himself a fancy grandfather clock, or when he suddenly decided he needed to spend over a thousand dollars on a small painting he saw in a shop in Arizona.

So what did my mom buy?

A Brother Quattro 6000D Sewing and Embroidery Machine.



This thing needs its own theme song. It's absolutely ridiculous (both in what it has and how much it actually cost *wince*).

She actually bought it a few days ago, but we only just dove into the many packages involved in bringing it home. Technically we only brought out the machine itself and its almost basic accessories, the feet and toolkit. Which have their own little plastic case by the way. We haven't even touched the embroidery accessories or the technology and software that came with it.
She also got a rebate to get a free mini-laptop to use with it. Not joking. An emoticon can't even convey how much this machine makes my eyes goggle. O_O times a thousand.

And the neat part for me in all this?
See that machine in the back there? That's my mom's previous machine, a Brother (insert numbers here, I'm not sure what they are). She bought it when she started quilting and has loved it, heck I've used it quite a bit as well and I love it.
I normally use a machine passed on to me by grandma. It used to be her back up machine, the one she had to work on when she flew from Washington down to Arizona for the winter. She let go of the house there a few years ago and didn't have a need for the second machine anymore, so she gave it to me. It's a Kenmore machine from Sears, purchased no one knows how many years ago, and it does pretty much anything I might need for basic sewing.
Ooo car analogy!
My machine's kind of like your old Plymouth van from the nineties. It takes care of your basic driving needs as long as it has gotten its regular tune-ups, but it can't particularly handle curves or any kind of fancy driving.
"Ooh, a new playtoy!" says the cat
My mom's previous machine is a BMW. It's fancy, gorgeous to look at, pretty dang nice in every way. Does everything you might want your regular car to do. It's the car she sometimes lets me borrow for special occasions, as long as I make sure not to get any nicks on it.

And this thing? This is a Porsche, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari all rolled into one. It's the supercar of your dreams, the one that deserves to be driven through Monte Carlo and along the Autobahn, the one you never thought you might actually be able to drive. And now we have one. Squee!!

Right, the point!
So, now that my mom has a super shiny new machine to use, I'm going to be getting to use her lovely Quilter's Choice machine. I'm moving up from the Plymouth and will be using the BMW on a regular basis. Yay! *fireworks*

Hand me downs RULE! ^_^

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