Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so, we come to the end - NaBloPoMo Day 30

It is now the last day of National Blog Posting Month, and I thought I might semi-cohesively ramble about how I think it went.

I did in fact manage to write a new post every day. Unfortunately for those posts, my day day does not normally end at midnight, meaning a number of them seem to be dated a day later than they technically were in my head. Maybe if I change my timezone to something further west, for Seattle or maybe even Honolulu, it might get almost close to my actual sleep schedule.

xkcd knows exactly how I think.
The success on that point hasn't necessarily translated very well though to others. My highest aspirations for the month would have involved thirty days of interesting, well written posts on both quilting and books, detailing the large amounts of sewing and reading I got done during that time. And then I got a job (which is awesome by the way) that took me away from the sewing machine and my comfy reading chair. I would have liked to be able to show off more things I completed in the last month, but hey, things definitely interfered.

I'm very glad I did this though. And I did enjoy it. I may or may not do it again at some point next year, we'll see, but I definitely am happy to have done it. And in the future?
I love the Macro Monday feature I thought up. To be honest, I had the lightbulb for it that first Monday of the month, thinking it would be an easy way to have a fairly wordless post each week. But really? It's far more an excuse for me to take fun macro pictures of things, mostly of the projects I've been working on, but also just of neato things I see. Super close up pictures are fun!

I think I'm going to write two or three posts a week besides Macro Mondays, depending on what I get done each week and how much time I spend at the bookstore.
Definitely the greatest benefit of this has been me coming to check my bloglist each day. I'm actually on top of things on the internet! Huzzah! And speaking of...

I've joined a virtual bee!! I'm ridiculously excited about it, and am already trying to plan out what I'll send out to the other ladies when it's my month. ^_^

So hooray for Blog Posting Month, and hooray even more for now heading back to my sewing machine and its current project :)

PS> I so very much wanted to title this post "Here, at the end of all things" just to please my LotR obsessed self, but I figured the end of a month straight of blog posting is really not that comparable to the eruption of Mount Doom, so I didn't use it. Oh well

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