Friday, November 26, 2010

It's November?? - NaBloPoMo Day 26

That's pretty much what the weather has been saying this entire month, at least up until during the wee hours of last night. Suddenly, the weather in South Texas actually feels like the right time of year.

And now that it's the end of November, it's just about the right time for all the shiny Christmas bits to come out of hiding.
Well, except for my mom's Rudolph figurines. Those are a year round feature in our curio cabinet. BUT! My ornaments get to come out. I can actually hang up the wall hanging my grandma made me. We can start to lay out the music boxes, the random fake poinsettias, and most importantly in my opinion, my nutcrackers. I'm so excited about getting to put them out!

Oh wait. I might want to clean up bits of the house that I've made a mess in, seeing as how those are places where pine trees and presents are supposed to go. Oops. :D

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