Sunday, November 21, 2010

Knock Knock - Your Strippers Have Arrived! - NaBloPoMo Day 21

There's a threesome of ladies in our strip club who always announce their presence with this phrase. Not that my mum and I hear it that often, since we're usually some of the last to arrive at the store on a given Strip Club day.

The third Saturday of every month, one of our favorite semi-local quilt shops hosts a Strip Club day. Jeanne, the owner of the shop, puts together a collection of fabrics and cuts them into a jelly roll for each of the ladies who signs up. Before we collectively Ooo and Aaah over the pattern for a particular month, we have a group show and tell of the projects we've all been working on.
This month, our show and tell turned out a lot more interesting than often happens. A much smaller fraction of the ladies decided to make last month's Dear Jane quilt, partially because of the reproduction fabrics themselves and partially because of the pattern Jeanne had picked out. Two ladies besides Jeanne made the intended quilt, one with a neat, fairly busy background fabric and the other with a lovely piano keys border. Two further used the Dear Jane roll with patterns from previous months and another two used the intended pattern but made their quilts with bright, colorful jelly rolls that completely changed the effect of the pattern. I would show y'all pictures, but then again I'm a silly person who forgets to actually take any.

I will however show y'all pictures of our completed strip quilts at some point in the future. ^_^

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