Thursday, December 9, 2010

Accomplishments and Nail Biting

I'm feeling rather accomplished today, despite the fact that I have yet to even venture near a sewing machine today. So why do I feel like I'm just about at the top of a mountain?

Well, we've made our first steps towards Christmas decorating around the house. We went to Papa Noel and bought our tree yesterday, a nice fat Fraser Fir which will fit nicely in our house. My brother even seems to have brought out a number of our boxes from the attic. Yay No. 1!

As of right now, I'm also almost entirely done with my Christmas shopping. The only person I still actually need to procure something for is my dad, and as soon as I can get an Amazon search in with my mom that should be all taken care of. Yay No. 2!!

And finally, I got Tiffany's quilt in the mail today! Yay No. 3! This is, however, where the nail biting comes in.
This quilt has a decent number of firsts built into it. It's the first quilt where I bought all the materials involved, the first one I've ever made for someone else (full size that is, I did make a wall hanging for a friend's birthday), and the first one I've ever put in the mail (please don't lose it please don't lose it).
The guy helping me out at the post office asked about how much it would be worth if I needed to insure it and I kind of blanked on how to explain to him how much it can cost to make a quilt. With any luck, the extra couple of bucks I paid for insurance on the package won't be needed.

Here's to hoping the quilt arrives safely in Louisiana. :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Macro Monday

Yes, Monday. Despite the fact that I already acknowledged it being the 7th by wishing a friend Happy 21st Birthday, I fully intend to maintain my Monday mindset.

I've been partaking in a break from blogland for the last week, partly due to 'Oh hey, can you work another four hours today? How about tomorrow as well?'  and partly due to simply being tired in general. But I'm all back now and ready to attack Monday.

Or at least sort of. This is pretty much the sum total of the day today.
Post obliged me by falling asleep in a near perfect pose against my leg this afternoon. It's so much easier to get a clear picture of him when he's not scampering about. Fancy that.

We also managed a family trip to the movies today, taking advantage of my day off and mum's canceled workout to introduce my parents to the Alamo Drafthouse and HP7.0. Somehow, I don't think they quite grasped why we, my brother and I that is, like the theater so much. Maybe because they didn't get to see as many awesome shorts beforehand.
My dad almost successfully grasped the plot of the movie, which is quite good for him really, seeing as how he has a terrible memory and hasn't read the books. And anytime a clip featured in the trailer came up in the film my brother leaned over and sang the corresponding lyric from this version of the trailer, sending me into fits of giggles.
Let's just say it's a very good thing we were almost alone in the theater...

In other news, last Thursday our fledgling local quilt guild had a Christmas party in the middle of our meeting. I ended up winning a pretty poinsettia in the day's door prize and Mom and I both came home with nice White Elephant gifts. (Yeah, I kinda chose to 'steal' one of the very presents that we had brought when it was my turn ^_^)

And finally, if you haven't yet checked out the blog over at Let's Bee Together you definitely should! We've got not just one, but two groups of brilliant quilters ready to make beautiful quilts together. Unfortunately, we're a lady or two away from the full number we need, so y'all should definitely check out the group and see if you'd like to join. :D

Happy Quilting!