Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabric Love

Well, I'm cutting it a bit short for NaBloPoMo today, but it's been a very non-computer day up until about an hour ago, with some fabulous reading and a visit from a friend. But now that the busyness has wound down, I can get back to my love affair with Oriental fabrics.

I started cutting into some of my fat quarters the other day, distracting myself from book impatience by playing with things I love. But there was a problem for me. I love my Oriental fabrics so much that it's very difficult to start cutting into them. As in I'd almost rather just hoard them indefinitely (which would be a very bad idea, heh).

And then I found a solution - my fabulous little digital camera!

So here are some of my gorgeous Oriental fabrics, soon to be featured in a sashed Turning Twenty quilt, which I will start, just as soon as I find the right pale creamy gold to sash them all with.

1 comment:

  1. Those fabrics are beautiful! I understand the "I love it too much to cut" syndrome. I suffer as well.