Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Last Page - NaBloPoMo Day 9

Some people use their days off to do chores around the house, or maybe to run errands across town, but me? I chose to finish a book.

Technically I chose to finish two. =)
When I woke up, I stayed in bed and finished the Mercedes Lackey book I've been reading before going to sleep. I've read it before, which is what makes it perfect for night-time reading, but I could have sworn that it had a different ending.

Then I came downstairs and finished the book I have on loan from the store - Rick Riordan's newest The Lost Hero. And man, that was definitely a good read.
The Percy Jackson series put a smile on my face, first for its own storyline and second for the wonderful way it played with and utilized Greek mythology. It's a series that makes my inner Classics nerd smile. And this new book?
Even better. It not only answered one of the lingering questions I had from the first series (of 'Umm, where's the Roman mythology in all of this?'), it took that question and turned it into the focal point for an entire new series of books. It's a fabulous book in its own right, and the moment I read that last line, I wanted to dive into the next one.

Which won't be out till next fall. Boo.

But see, that's one of the differences between a good book and one that's just okay. The Mercedes Lackey book is kind of part of a series, but only kind of. Those other books establish a universe that's interesting, that makes you want to read the books again and again. This one takes place in that universe, but it doesn't take advantage of it, and in the end it just fizzles.

The Riordan book on the other hand? Makes me want to reread the entire first series, AND the Egyptian series he started last spring. It makes me want to go paw through my mythology books, relearning the myths used in the series. It makes me want to spend as much time in that world as possible, which to me is one of the hallmarks of a truly good book. ^_^

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