Saturday, October 16, 2010

UFO Addiction

I think I might have a problem. Or at least will likely have a problem at some point in the future.

I love to start projects. Finding fabrics, designing blocks, getting bits cut and ready to go-it’s addicting. But I don’t necessarily like so much to finish my projects. There’s a certain point where the excitement starts to fizzle out, leaving me with very little desire to continue on, and I hit it from my very first quilting project.

Three years ago, my mom came home from a class about making a Six-Hour Quilt. She quickly (although not as quickly as their title suggests) turned one out in bright, happy colors and sent it off to one of my cousins for his new daughter. It seemed like an easy enough project, so I thought I’d create one to take with me on long band trips. I chose cotton fabrics for one side, a few UT fabrics paired with music notes and an amazing sousaphone fabric, and pastel flannels for the other. I got everything cut, laid it all out, and started sewing.

And then I just stopped. Partly because it was by then the end of the summer break, time to return to college life in Austin, but also because I partially got bored with it. It wasn’t until two and a half years later (by which point I didn’t really have any more long band trips to take the thing on) that I managed to finish that darn 6-hour quilt.

We’re going to just look past the fact that my next project, the first one that really pieced together like a quilt, is still sitting unfinished in a project box. One day I’ll finish that French Braid. Probably not any day soon though.

So I have unfinished projects. Not counting my Osaka block of the month, I have three projects in need of piecing and three more in various stages of binding. It’s not a crime to have UFO’s, not even if those UFO’s are numbering in the double digits (not yet).
It’s probably not the best thing to ignore them though. Or more accurately in my case, to pretty much entirely forget them the moment a new idea pops into my head.

Like one did the other night. This idea was so brilliant, so perfect for me that I almost couldn’t fall asleep once I thought it up. I haven’t thought of any other projects since then, despite knowing that it might be better for me to work on the UFO's (particularly that set of placemats I meant to give to my friend for her 21st birthday, last summer…) .
But then this project, in all its tantalizing goodness, just draws me back in. So I’ll work on the new project, and hopefully have a Finished Object to show off in a while. =D

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