Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best Birthday Presents...

...are often ones from the heart. Or so I've heard. To me though, one of the most important elements of a birthday present is the element of surprise. It's just not the same when the recipient knows exactly what they're receiving (as is the case with most of the gifts my mom will be receiving in a couple of days).

Fortunately, the other night, I had a lightbulb of brilliance go off in my mind. What's something I can do for my mom, something no one else in our family would think of (let alone attempt), and most importantly something that will really not stretch my current lack of funds?


That's right. I'm going to make and attach bindings on five of my mom's quilts, the ones that have been sitting around the house only that single step away from being finished completely.
Three of these are belated wedding presents for friends and family members who have gotten married over the past year. One is a baby quilt for a former coworker (the baby was born over the summer) and the last is the only one that we are going to be keeping for ourselves. 

It's around 1600  inches of bias, double-fold bindings. Time to get to work!


  1. What a neat idea for your mom...I think she will love it. I tried to follow, but it says that the website is not available. I will try later.

  2. I finally was able to connect to become your first follower...I am honored to be number 1. Welcome to blogland!