Monday, October 25, 2010

Binding Queen

You can cut, you can press, making the finishing touch
See that quilt, watch that seam, dig in the Binding Queen!

After multiple sessions of work, marking my diagonals before the weekend, sewing a tube, cutting the strips, and pressing them over last night, and then finally today attaching each one to its respective quilt, I have fully completed my mom's birthday present.

And I feel like a Binding Queen.

I made the bindings for my previous quilts, but for the most part they were only completed after consulting with my mom or with one of her guide books. But no more! 
Fully completed, fully on my own, and all for quilts made by by mum for other people. Well, we're probably going to keep her rainbow quilt for ourselves, mostly because of a few bits funkiness in the border areas, but it technically could be given to someone else.

And to further make this seem like even more of an accomplishment, everything worked. There wasn't a single thing that went wrong. My bindings have gotten to the point of just working wonderfully.  ^_^

Which in large part is due to this wonderfully nifty Binding Tool we have. What is the most annoying part of sewing a binding onto a quilt? The final step!
So you've sewn almost all the way around your quilt with few difficulties, but find yourself stumped by how to join your two ends together.
Enter the binding tool. With its lovely instructions as a guide, your bindings will always come together perfectly flat and untwisting. You'll never have to kind of fudge the fixings again! Hooray!

Oh hey, and while I'm at my endorsements, here's what's going on in other necks of the woods.

Micki over at Irish Muses is having an AccuQuilt GO Cutter Giveaway, but more importantly, she's my first follower! *mind is boggled* I have a follower! I might need to ramble in a slightly more comprehensible fashion now. She'll be picking a winner on Nov. 5, so head over there while there's still time and check out the quilts she's making with her new friend Colleen (the cutter)!

Micki isn't the only one doing a giveaway either. Sue at Alderwood Quilts has a GO of her own to give to a lucky winner. She's been posting quite a few helpful cutter tips as well, so even if you don't win hers when she draws numbers on Nov. 1, you can find out all you'll need to know to use one!

And last but not least in the giveaway train is Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict . She is adopting a birthday tradition from the folk of the Shire and having a giveaway for her birthday on Friday. Anyone who can frame a quilting post with Tolkien gets a shiny gold star in my book. Two people will win charm packs of delightful fabrics, and if you're lucky, you might even become her 200th follower, inciting her to start another giveaway!

To start and end this post with a song, or at least something that involved songs, here's a picture taken during Saturday's game in Austin. My first day with the Longhorn Alumni Band was a rousing success, despite the football team's rather awkward lack of skill, and I will definitely be going back next year.
From the Alumni Band seats at the very top of Darrel K. Royal Stadium, it's the Longhorn Band! Oh, and the team's entering as well. But look at that skyline!

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  1. I love being your first follower...How neat is that! I have a great binding tool, and I lvoe using it. Well, it is nice that I have a new friend.