Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilting with the Tubes

It’s hard for me to work in silence. Whether I’m cleaning, studying, or quilting, I need something to be going on in the background. Normally I choose music, but the sewing setup in my house (i.e. what used to function as a kitchen table and is now my mom’s and my shared workspace) has a fantastic thing known as a television. Unfortunately, the television’s availability has had a bit of a side effect on my quilting.

Probably not a Jellicle Cat.
I can only really concentrate on my sewing if I’ve already seen what I’m watching.

Take last week for example. I spent a solid evening delightfully submerged in the sewing zone, fueled by CATS on one of the upper cable channels, a musical I’ve seen so many times I know every single word. Granted, the fact that it’s entirely in song and all about felines does help a bit, but still. I’ve seen it a lot.
When I first got a VHS copy, I spent a solid month watching it on an almost daily basis. The tiniest inkling of the show makes my brother want to groan and weep.

Basically, it’s the perfect viewing selection for quilting.

It’s not the only one though.  I also love quilting to television marathons, especially of NCIS, CSI, Buffy, and the ultimate winner, Doctor Who. I’ve seen them all, I love them all, and they’re just interesting enough (even on a 3rd, 4th, even 8th viewing) to make me want to turn my head occasionally.

What I’m watching right now, terrible for quilting. Too new, too entertaining-definitely too distracting. (That’s why I’m only typing on commercials!)
But as soon as this episode is over, it’s quilting time! =)

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